Sunday 14 April 2024
  Date  Number Title
 21/11/2017 34 Residence permit for humanitarian reasons in the naturalisation procedure
06/11/2017 f.82215/34319 Birth certificates issuing procedure for persons residing in FYROM
 03/11/2017  31 Guidelines on the application of article 13, para.1 of L. 4018/2011, as amended by article 142, para.11 of the L.4251/2014
05/10/2017 f.130181/30570 Amendment of Circular 52/2012 on the naturalisation of co-ethnic Greeks that hold a Special Identity Card for co-ethnic Greeks
29/06/2017 18 Article 1B (1) of the Greek Citizenship Code – Foreign students’ attendance in a school of Greece that implements the Greek Ministry’s of Education curriculum and teaching programme
10/06/2016 f.130181/20611/14 Guidelines on the application process for the determination of Greek citizenship pursuant to Article 25 of the Greek Citizenship Code (L. 3284/2004)
25/08/2015 29 Amendment of the Greek Citizenship Code (L. 4332/2015)
 27/07/2015 26 Implementation of electronic payment
16/12/2014 56 Inclusion of the second generation residence permit into permanent residence permits which are being accepted for the naturalisation process
23/07/2014 40 Provision of guidelines about the loss of the Greek citizenship due to the acquisition of a foreign citizenship or due to declaration of renouncement – Articles 16 and 18 of the Greek Citizenship Code L. 3284/2004
04/06/2014 34 Provision of guidelines about the naturalisation process for co-ethnic Greeks residing abroad
22/05/2014 30 Scheduling interviews and requests of those who have submitted requests for an expedited naturalisation process
 16/04/2014 11 Amendments of the Greek Citizenship Code (L.4251/2014)
10/02/2014 03 Approval of the No. 401/2013 opinion issued by the 5th Division of the State Legal Council regarding the implementation of Article 2 of L. 3838/2010
09/07/2013 f.82215/18303 Conceptual clarification of the terms citizenship, nationality and ethnicity
07/03/2013 f.130181/10352 Reduction of signatures required for administrative acts and documents. Guidelines on naturalisation issues
17/04/2013 07 Establishment and role of the Committees referred to Article 15, L. 3284/2004. Fulfillment of substantive requirements in the process of acquiring Greek citizenship in accordance with L. 2790/2000 as amended and in force
 02/04/2013 52/f.130181/7779 Supplement to the circular no. 52 issued by the Ministry of Interior’s Citizenship directorate
13/12/2012 52 Clarifications on the process of naturalisation of co-ethnic Greeks that hold a Special Identity Card for co-ethnic Greeks – Article 23 of L. 3838/2010
 10/11/2011 132445 Restoration of the Holocaust victims who previously held the Greek citizenship
09/11/2011 50 A. Regarding the legality of EU citizens’ residence who apply for naturalisation B. Clarifications on the term of continuous legal residence
05/05/2011 31 Issues concerning the operation of Naturalisation Committees and the process of examining pending applications of naturalisation
31/03/2011 28 Clarifications regarding the implementation of L. 3838/2010
16/07/2010 f.130181/37964 Vichy : Clarifications regarding the application of Article 1A of the Greek Citizenship Code as in force
 28/05/2010 08 Amendment of the Greek Citizenship Code