Wednesday 24 July 2024
Postal Voting

For the first time in Greece, postal voting is introduced by Law No. 5083/2024 as a means of facilitating the exercise of the electoral right of voters for the European Parliament elections and national referenda. This is a significant breakthrough for Greeks around the globe, eliminating all practical barriers to exercising the right to vote from abroad. This measure builds upon the foundations laid by Law No. 5044/2023, passed last July, which lifted all prior legal constraints, such as submission of a tax return or two-year residence in Greece).

The implementation of postal voting applies to all Greek citizens who are registered in the electoral rolls, whether they are in Greece or abroad, and wish to exercise their voting right through postal voting. Particularly for voters residing outside Greece, postal voting will be the only way to vote from abroad in the upcoming European elections, as there will be no polling stations abroad.

Postal voting modernizes the voting process, upholding the fundamental constitutional principles of immediacy, universality, and secrecy of the vote. Greeks abroad are given the opportunity to cast their votes from their place of residence or work, without having to cover long distances, spending time and money. This way, democracy deepens.

Summary of the procedure for exercising the right to vote by postal vote
  1. Register to the special electoral rolls for postal voting via the Ministry of the Interior’s electronic application at the link by 29 April 2024.
  2. Receive the election material at the voter’s registered address.
  3. Cast your vote and mail the envelope back to the pre-filled address in Greece, ensuring it reaches its destination by 17:00 (Greek time) on 8 June 2024.