Sunday 23 June 2024

Required documents:
– Final judicial decision on the declaration of presumed death;
– Publication of a summary of judicial decision in two newspapers (including first and last name, the profession, the address of the missing person and of the person who asked the declaration of the assumed death);
– The Service Report;
– Copy of the Judgments Bulletin;
– Certificate of legal effect.

A presumed death is registered a) by the applicant b) the appearing attorney, by means of notarized Special Power of Attorney.

Thereupon, a Report is drawn up at the Special Civic Registry.

After the publication of the final court decision declaring the presumed death, all rights related to the presumed death of the missing person may be exercised as if it were a confirmed death.

For annulment of a declaration of presumed death or a change in start time, a new final court decision is required.  Subject to the legal proceedings, the change is registered in the margins of the initial presumed death report.