Sunday 21 July 2024

Electoral System – Allocation of Seats

The electoral system used to elect Members of the European Parliament is purely proportional. Seats for MEPs are allocated between all party lists or coalitions of associated parties participating in the election in line with the total number of valid ballot papers they receive across the entire State. Note that a party or coalition of associated parties which does not accumulate valid ballot papers equal to at least 3% of all valid ballot papers received throughout the entire State by parties and coalitions is not entitled to a seat in the European Parliament.

The overall election results in Greece as a whole are prepared by the Supreme Returning Board based at the Ministry of the Interior based on the voting results tables per constituency which are dispatched by the local Courts of First Instance to the Ministry of the Interior. This Supreme Returning Board prepares the general finalized list of results for the entire State and then allocates European Parliamentary seats between all party lists and coalitions participating in the election pro rata with their election results across the State.

It should not be forgotten that the voting results of Greek electors resident in other Member States of the European Union are also taken into account in allocating European Parliamentary seats among party lists and coalitions.