Tuesday 19 March 2019
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Professor Emeritus of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
President of the National Committee of Human Rights
President of the association of Greek constitutionalists "Aristovoulos Manesis"

Born in Thessaloniki in1944. Graduated from Law School in 1968. He continued his studies in Brussels at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where he received a postgraduate degree LL.M. in Administrative Law (1970) and a doctorate (PhD) in Law (1974).

In 1982 he was elected professor of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. For 35 years, he taught Constitutional Law, General Theory of the State, Human Rights and Judicial Review of Constitutionality, both in undergraduate and postgraduate level. He was retired in September 2011 and became Professor Emeritus in 2012.

He was Dean of the Faculty of Law and Economics and Head of the Department of Public Law and Political Science, as well as Director of the Postgraduate Studies Program of the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He has lectured as visiting professor in the universities of Montpellier, Paris X, Rome “La Sapienza”, Nantes and as a Visiting research fellow in Princeton University.

In 2007 he was honoured by the Greek President with the prize of exquisite university teaching awarded in memory of “Xanthopoulos- Pnevmatikos” under the auspices of the National Institution of Research.

Along with his dissertation, he has published 16 monographs and 125 original research papers both in the Greek and French language.

His most important work in Greek: “Constitutional law”, “The relation between Nation-State and Church”, “The Constitution of Europe facing national and people’s sovereignty”, “Ti to kirion tis politias esti” and three handbooks: “What a State is”, ”What a Constitution is”, “What a political system is”.

From 1997 until 1999, he performed duties of Vice President of the National Broadcasting Council.

He has two sons. He is married to Kleopatra Theodorou


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