Wednesday 12 December 2018
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G.S. for Migration Policy
LawsGovernment GazetteSubject
4399Α 117 /2016Institutional framework for establishing Private Investment Aid schemes for the country’s regional and economic development - Establishing the Development Council and other provisions.
4384Α 78 /2016Agricultural Cooperatives, forms of collective organization of rural areas and other provisions
4332A 76/2015Amendment of the provisions of the Greek Nationality Code – Amendment of Law 4521/2014 to transpose to Greek law Directive 2011/98/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council “on a single application procedure for a single permit for third-country nationals to reside and work in the territory of a Member State and on a common set of rights for third-country workers legally residing in a Member State” and Directive 2014/36/EU “on the conditions of entry and stay of third-country nationals for the purpose of employment as seasonal workers” and other provisions
4251A80/14Immigration and Social Integration Code and other provisions
3284Α217/04Ratification of the Greek Nationality Code
3448/06, 3536/07, 3613/07, 3649/08, 3731/08, 3772/09, 3801/09, 3838/2010, 3846/2010, 3870/2010, 3875/2010, 3879/2010, 3900/2010, 3907/2011, 3938/2011, 4018/2011, 4061/2012, 4071/2012, 4075/2012, 4115/2013, 4139/2013, 4146/2013A212/05, Α57/06, Α42/07, A263/07, Α263/08, A 39/08, A112/09, A163/09, A 49/2010, A 66/2010, A 138/2010, A 158/2010, Α 163/2010, Α 213/2010, Α 7/2011, Α 61/2011, Α 215/2011, Α 66/2012, Α 85/2012, Α 89/2012, Α 24/2013, Α 74/2013, Α 90/2013)CODIFICATION OF LEGISLATION-on the entry, residence and social integration of third-country nationals on Greek Territory