Sunday 27 May 2018
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Persons registered in one Municipality and voting elsewhere

In the European Parliamentary Elections, the electors who are registered in special lists of those who vote in the place of their residence, even if they are registered in a Municipality elsewhere, will vote at the polling stations of the Municipality or Community of their residence, where they have submitted their application. (No special electoral departments or polling stations are formed in prefectural capitals as it is the case in the General Elections).


Where do judges and civil servants vote?

Judges and civil servants in general may exercise their electoral rights either in the municipality or community where they are registered or at their place of residence in their capacity as electors registered in one place but have their residence elsewhere.


Where do court representatives and members of the returning board vote?

Court representatives vote at the polling station in which they are exercising their duties. Members of returning board and all deputy court representatives who are not actively exercise their duties shall vote at a polling station determined by the head of court representatives within the area of his purview. These electors shall only vote if they are registered in an electoral roll in a municipality or community in Greece. To this end they should sign a Solemn Statement reported the municipality or community in which they are registered.


Where do electoral guards vote?

In the case where a compliment of guards is deployed to guard a polling station, these persons (who may not number more than 4) shall vote at the polling station they are guarding.

These voters shall vote only if they are registered in the electoral rolls or in the special electoral rolls of persons serving in the Hellenic Police Force or other Security Forces. These special electoral rolls require the approval of the relevant Court of First Instance. The Chairman of the returning board or the person managing its work shall issue a report that the persons who voted at the polling station as members of his guard did in fact belong to that guard.


Where do members of the Armed Forces, Police, Coast Guard and Fire Brigade vote?

Voters serving in the Hellenic Police Force, the Fire Brigade, the Armed Forces and the Coast Guard and who are registered in special electoral rolls shall vote at the place where they are on duty on Election Day.
These voters shall be identified by the returning board by presenting their military or service ID cards.


Where do seamen vote?

Greek seamen serving on vessels flying under the Greek flag who are registered in special electoral rolls shall vote by presenting their seaman ID papers.